30 January - 4 February 2017

Host Venues & Dock Booking

map race area & venues 2017
Map of Race Area and Venues 2017


Host Venues & Dock Booking Info

In 2017 Regatta Headquarters will be at the two host marinas, the first on the West Coast (Grenada Yacht Club) and the second on the South Coast (Secret Harbour Marina).


Grenada Yacht Club, St. George’s 
(Monday 30 Jan – Wednesday 1 Feb am)

Email: dockinfo@grenadayachtclub.com
+1- 473- 440-6826


Dock space at GYC may be limited, so another berthing option is Port Louis Marina, located across the lagoon from GYC. (see our page on Water and Land Taxis)

Port Louis Marina, St George’s

Email:  reservations@cnportlouismarina.com
+1 – 473-435-7431

Port Louis Marina

Secret Harbour Marina, Lance Aux Epines
(Wednesday 1 Feb pm – Saturday 4 Feb pm)

Email:  enquiries@secretharbourgrenada.com


Reservations: – please contact host marinas early to make your reservation. Let them know your boat is participating in the regatta to benefit from any special discounts/free services.

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Grenada Sailing Week are proud to be part of the Clean Regatta program run by Sailors for the Sea. Find out how you can help by volunteering to be part of our ‘Clean Team’ or what you need to do whilst participating in the regatta.

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Regatta T-Shirts for Sale!

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