30 January - 4 February 2017

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History of Grenada Sailing Week

In 2012 a group of sailing enthusiasts and marine industry representatives initiated the Grenada Sailing Week (GSW) to continue the keelboat regatta formerly organized by the Grenada Sailing Festival. The first GSW event took place in Jan/Feb 2013 and over the past four years it has become firmly established. The number of participants has increased, courses have been fine tuned for more challenging racing, classes have been added to accommodate a larger range of yachts, and a variety of venues have been selected to showcase the island of Grenada. Besides the Board members listed below, the regatta has a team of committed volunteers and a dedicated organising committee.

Marc DeCaul, Board Chairman, has lived in Grenada all his life and enjoyed dinghy sailing as a young boy, but has recently taken an interest in sailing and racing bigger boats. An accomplished athlete, he is the organizer of a number of endurance events including a marathon and triathlons and owner of the Mocha Spoke Coffee Shop and Bicycle Café in True Blue.

Richard Szyjan was born in France and from an early age sailed dinghies and windsurfers, and later 85′ racing cats. It is his continued passion to race monohulls and multihulls. He has over 23 years of nautical industry experience in sail making and rigging in the Caribbean and runs Turbulence Ltd.

Patrick Brathwaite is Grenadian born and a sailing enthusiast. His interest in sailing is more than social. He is manager of Island Water World in Grenada and with several investments in the marine sector (Grenada Marine and Shadowfax), he sees the future of sailing and Grenada as one.

Mike Bingley was born in the UK and his love of the water started many years ago. In 2002 he bought his first yacht and then sailed from the UK to the Caribbean, settling in Grenada. He is a Diesel Engineer and owns Palm Tree Marine, so not only does he enjoy racing boats, he also likes to fix them.

Shawn Jardine was born in the UK and moved to Trinidad at a young age, where he got involved in boating and worked in the chandlery business. He is currently boatyard manager at Spice Island Marine Services and brings a lifetime of experience racing, cruising and working with yachts, to the Board.



GSW Board Members & Sponsors
From left to right: Shawn Jardine, Richard Szyjan, Marc DeCaul, Patrick Brathwaite, Mike Bingley

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Grenada Sailing Week are proud to be part of the Clean Regatta program run by Sailors for the Sea. Find out how you can help by volunteering to be part of our ‘Clean Team’ or what you need to do whilst participating in the regatta.

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